eICPMS-001: Principles, Operation, and Maintenance of ICPMS-2030

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  • Author: Shimadzu CAS
  • Level: Beginner
  • Study time: 10 hours
  • Video time: 2 hours
  • Exams: Yes
  • Certification: Yes
Course overview

This course offers practical knowledge for the basic operation of ICPMS-2030. It includes the principles, instrument features, familiarization of the software control for setting up data acquisition and data processing for sample analysis, as well as the basic maintenance of instrument.

Learning Outcome
At the end of the course, you will be able to:
  • Understand the principles & instrumentation on ICPMS
  • Familiarize with both hardware and software of the instrument
  • Handle the daily operation workflow starting from the system up till measurement is completed
  • Perform proper steps for elemental analysis starting from method setup to data processing
  • Perform basic maintenance to prevent any contamination or signal drift on the ICPMS-2030

Materials Required for eICPMS-001
e-Learning Course:


  • ICPMS instrumentation 
  • AS-10 autosampler (optional)

Operation Software

  • ICPMS LabSolutions 

Chemical & Reagent

  • Ultrapure water (resistivity at 18.2 MW-cm)
  • 1% Nitric acid
  • Tuning solution (10 ppb Beryllium, 2ppb Indium/Cesium/Bismuth, 5ppb Cobalt)
  • ICPMS multielement stock solution               
  • We provide demo data files for qualitative and quantitative data processing (data processing is done in LabSolutions ICPMS).
  • If LabSolutions ICPMS is not available, course contents are still beneficial to all LCMS users.

Course contents

Instructors for this course

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Dr.Pawar, Mangesh

   Shinde, Amol       

Khopkar, Sampada

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